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Interpocket Bag filters

Secondary Filters M5 40-55% MERV10, M6 60-65% MERV12, F7 80-85% MERV13, F8 90-95% MERV14-15

Interpocket filters are non rigid traditional bag filters which are economical and used widely in all AMCV airconditioning and ventilation systems.

Model: IP90 8P 242422

Standard Depth: 12", 15", 22", 25", 30"

Length x Height :

    • 24x24 - 8, 6 pockets, 10p
    • 12x24 - 4 or 3 pockets, 5p
    • 20x24 - 5 pockets
    • 16x24 - 4 pockets

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