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Biological Cabinets,Laminar flow cabinets,Fume hoods, Primary containment to biological safety, product protection and laboratory safety

International Filtration, Clyde Apac Australia manufacture and distribute wide range of laboratory equipment including laminar air cabinet, Biological safety cabinet, Ductless fume hoods,CO2 incubators in Singapore and the region. The track record in both quality and safety containment of manufacturing over 65,000 superior Laminar Air flow Biological Safety Cabinets and Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets are used in hospitals and pharmacy,pharmaceutical industries,research and biosafety labs,schools, universities,food and fragrance industries,electronics. The cabinets are tested to international standards like NSF49, EN12469, ASHRAE 110, AS1807,AS2243.

Customised Biological Cabinets,IVF laminar flow cabinets and solutions

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IVF Laminar Air flow Cabinets (water based)

Water based recirculation (very stable work surface temperature for IVF works) or Heated mats work tray. As pioneers of water based laminar air flow cabinets for IVF, sucess of IVF works are greatly increased with stable work surface temperature.

Email CLII with Microscrope 3

Class II Biological Safety Cabinets to house Robotic Sampler.

Microscope Integration into Class II Biological Safety Cabinet


CO2 and Tri-Incubators

Air or water jacketed CO2 Incubators with HEPA filter,Infra Red CO sensor, stable temperature, 90degC sterilisation. LCD Display and microprocessor controlled temperature.

used for incubation of cell, bacteria, spores cultures.

Bag-in-Bag-out (BIBO) Housing (please refer to air filters.BIBO HEPA Housings are used for exhaust of biohazard, chemical or radioactive, toxic particulates thus providing environmental protection and safe change of HEPA filters and maintenance in laboratories and fume hoods or industrial factories or hospitals.

BIBO SS 1Hx1W 4nos

Laminar flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow cabinet provide laminar air flow for product protection in cleanrooms,hospitals,pharmacies,laboratories,schools,electronics,organ transplants, electronic, electrical or biomedical devices, food and fragrances QC sampling. Tested to Laminar flow cabinets AS1807 and Clean room standards ISO14644,FED209E to achive ISO5 Class 100 or ISO4 Class 10. Vertical laminar flow cabinet are vertical flow which first clean air touches the samples or work area which is widely suitable for all applications. Horizontal laminar cabinets have no window but a front open space which are suitable for hanging or taller products protection. They are also lower in physical height.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet VLAF12 and VLAF18


Vertical Laminar airflow,Motorised Slanted Sliding Sash window, full protection on all products on first air. 

Stainelss Steel S304 work surface, Microprocessor Board with airflow alarm, UV Timer,HEPA filters, prefilters

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

HLAF15 2

Horizontal airflow,slanted side glass, no front sash window.Stainless Steel Work surface,Basic Microprocessor Board with airflow indication,HEPA filter,prefilters

Table Benchtop Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet LAF V700 LAF V600

Benchtop or Desktop Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets is small and less bulky and can be placed onto benchtop and flat area. Vertical Laminar Air Flow for product protection which can used for Cleanwork, PCR, Cleanwork. Acrylic Clear Side and front window Enclosure with Chemical Resistant Worktop. With LED lights, UV lights.

LAF V700 Dimensions: 700Wx620Dx1150mmH

LAF V600 Dimensions: 600Wx580Dx1080mmH

Optional Base stand and UV lights

LAF V700LAF V700 2

Biological Safety Cabinets, Biosafety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets Class I,II or A2

International Filtration has developed Biological Safety Cabinets to suit all Microbiological,Biochemistry,Histopathology,research,hospitals,life sciences pharmaceutical and research,food,schools laboratories. No external exhaust ventilation required. The primary containment equipment to provide protection to personnel users and prevent cross contamination of products by laminar air flow as well environmental protection (within the lab or external). Provides the 3 protection of Product,personnel user and environemental. Stainless Steel 304 Rounded profile work surface, Microprocessor Board with visual and airflow alarm, UV Timer, 2nos of HEPA filters. Our Cabinets are carefully designed,tested and certifed listed NSF49,EN12469 or AS1807. They will meet the cleanroom classification of ISO5/Class 100, ISO4/ Class 10 under ISO14644

BSC90BSC90 3


Ultrasafe Biosafety Cabinets Australia design features low noise,twin blower,redundancy, low maintenance and long filter lifespan,Boost Mode with extra strong exhaust. Slanted Sash window and side glass.
Certified Australia Standards AS1807,AS2252. Class I has one single HEPA which provides user protection and environmental protection with negative plenum.
Features: Twin Blower (redundancy and longer HEPA filter lifespan), Larger Inflow as Air barrier containment, Boost mode for increase exhaust flow.

Download Clyde-Apac Ultrasafe Catalogue

Biological Safety Cabinet Class 3

Physical Barrier with glove hands on top of 3 protection of Biosafety Cabinet Class2 product, user and environmental protection. They are used for containment of highly biohazard pathologenic agents of level 4 or level 3 if they are not used in biosafety labs level 3.

SS304 work surface,Basic Microprocessor Board with airflow indication, 3nos of HEPA filters, prefilters, stand with castor wheels

Ductless Fume hoods and Fume Cabinets

Fume Hoods,Ductless Fume Cabinets

Ductless Fume hoods

Ductless fume hoods uses carbon and chemical filters to remove hazardous chemical toxic fumes and vapours and be used as recirculating in the laboratory. HEPA filter to be provided for particulates,low boiling point solvents and powders. Reduce short term and long term exposure limit TWL and STE and odours more to safe permissible levels. Our cabinets are tested to AS2243 or ASHRAE 110 standards to ensure the primary containment of user protection and environmental. It provides negative pressure inside the lab or room for the laboratory safety. The applications include Hospitals,Clinics, research laboratories, pharmaceutical establishments, biosafety and animal labs, Schools, electronics,food, fragrances, chemical and powder dispensing and QC Sampling. Our cabinet carbon filters are effective against most organic vapours,acids and toxic fumes. They can impregnated for specific vapours like formaldehye, ammonia. The microprocessor board will have visual and airflow alarm to alert users for filter replacement.

Download IF Ductless Fumehoods/ Fume Cabinets Catalogue


DFHC touchscreen panel s

General Purpose Fume hoods (ducted)

General Fume hoods or cupboards are used for general fumes to be exhaust ducted out of the laboratory which provide user and environmental protection,laboratory safety with point and area ventilation.Optional carbon Filter and HEPA filter for environmental protection to reduce emissions of particulates,radioactive and solvents.BIBO housings are to be used for the biohazard and radioactive agents which provide a safe method of replacement of HEPA filters. Full PP fumehoods and water scrubbers are available for highly corrosive chemicals and vapours unable to be captured by carbon filters.

Download IF Fumehoods Catalogue

Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets

Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet

Cytotoxic Drug safety cabinet provides user protection from the cytotoxic agents or vapours in the pharmaceutical aseptic dispensing and drugs preparations. Strong twin blowers and air barrier with sump HEPA filters below worktray. The strong air barrier instead of physical barrier provides lesser fatigue to pharmacist technicians in the drugs preparation which ensure productivity and ensure optimum good preparation of drugs as well as safety. Made in Australia with design and build in great quality which is widely used and proven in both small cancer pharmacy clinics and hospital pharmacies. With quality design and built, large HEPA filters which will ensure extremely long lifespan and low maintenance downtime. They are widely used in Hospitals pharmacies, pharmaceutical establishments, biosafety and animal laboratories, cancer clinics and centres, schools, QC Sampling, aseptic and infectious pathogenic samples handling. Tested to AS2567, H14 HEPA filters 99.995% and carbon filters to meet GMP, ISO 14644 ISO 5,FS209E Class 100 clean room cleanliness. Aseptic Grade A.

Download Clyde-Apac Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet Catalogue

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