Fume Hoods,Ductless Fume Cabinets

Ductless Fume hoods

Ductless fume hoods uses carbon and chemical filters to remove hazardous chemical toxic fumes and vapours and be used as recirculating in the laboratory. HEPA filter to be provided for particulates,low boiling point solvents and powders. Reduce short term and long term exposure limit TWL and STE and odours more to safe permissible levels. Our cabinets are tested to AS2243 or ASHRAE 110 standards to ensure the primary containment of user protection and environmental. It provides negative pressure inside the lab or room for the laboratory safety. The applications include Hospitals,Clinics, research laboratories, pharmaceutical establishments, biosafety and animal labs, Schools, electronics,food, fragrances, chemical and powder dispensing and QC Sampling. Our cabinet carbon filters are effective against most organic vapours,acids and toxic fumes. They can impregnated for specific vapours like formaldehye, ammonia. The microprocessor board will have visual and airflow alarm to alert users for filter replacement.

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General Purpose Fume hoods (ducted)

General Fume hoods or cupboards are used for general fumes to be exhaust ducted out of the laboratory which provide user and environmental protection,laboratory safety with point and area ventilation.Optional carbon Filter and HEPA filter for environmental protection to reduce emissions of particulates,radioactive and solvents.BIBO housings are to be used for the biohazard and radioactive agents which provide a safe method of replacement of HEPA filters. Full PP fumehoods and water scrubbers are available for highly corrosive chemicals and vapours unable to be captured by carbon filters.

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