Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow cabinet provide laminar air flow for product protection in cleanrooms,hospitals,pharmacies,laboratories,schools,electronics,organ transplants, electronic, electrical or biomedical devices, food and fragrances QC sampling. Tested to Laminar flow cabinets AS1807 and Clean room standards ISO14644,FED209E to achive ISO5 Class 100 or ISO4 Class 10. Vertical laminar flow cabinet are vertical flow which first clean air touches the samples or work area which is widely suitable for all applications. Horizontal laminar cabinets have no window but a front open space which are suitable for hanging or taller products protection. They are also lower in physical height.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet VLAF12 and VLAF18


Vertical Laminar airflow,Motorised Slanted Sliding Sash window, full protection on all products on first air. 

Stainelss Steel S304 work surface, Microprocessor Board with airflow alarm, UV Timer,HEPA filters, prefilters

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

HLAF15 2

Horizontal airflow,slanted side glass, no front sash window.Stainless Steel Work surface,Basic Microprocessor Board with airflow indication,HEPA filter,prefilters

Table Benchtop Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet LAF V700 LAF V600

Benchtop or Desktop Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets is small and less bulky and can be placed onto benchtop and flat area. Vertical Laminar Air Flow for product protection which can used for Cleanwork, PCR, Cleanwork. Acrylic Clear Side and front window Enclosure with Chemical Resistant Worktop. With LED lights, UV lights.

LAF V700 Dimensions: 700Wx620Dx1150mmH

LAF V600 Dimensions: 600Wx580Dx1080mmH

Optional Base stand and UV lights

LAF V700LAF V700 2

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