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Synthetic Media Roll

In the early eighties, Libeltex developed a new range of synthetic washable filter media, being the first to apply the principle of thermobonding and the idea of conceiving filters with a gradual density.

International Filtration,Libeltex has continuously developed new ones, upgraded and streamlined our existing products to offer wide range of high quality filter media in accordance to meet the market and application needs of customers.

Synthetic Washable Rolls media are used in primary or prefilters of AHU,PAU,FCU and air intakes for air filtration and protection of secondary filters. 

All media are conceived, tested and produced according to EN779/ ASHRAE 52.2 and ISO9001:2015 Quality Managed Systems

T150-5W T150-10WT150-5W T150-10WT209
T150-5W 5mmt    T150-10W 10mmt    T209 15mmt
MERV3 A=72% MERV4 A=75-80% MERV6 A=85-90%
White or Black White or Black White
T350 20mmt      NGB290 20mmt    T500 22mmt
MERV6 A=85-90% MERV6 A=85-90% MERV7 A=90%
White Blue White White
ZKG200              ES65M
ZKG200 12mmt    ZKG3 3mmt    ES65M 2mmt
Carbon Carbon Electrostatic Media Dispoable
MERV7 A>90% MERV6 A=85% MERV11 A>91%

A: Arrestance Weight Efficiency, Coarse or Big Dust of >10um

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